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I postpone death by living....

A Person with Contagious Measles Spent Time at a Lot of Well-Populated Places in Seattle and Pierce County Last Week | Slog   





If you were at ECCC and spent any time in Pike Place Market, please read this! If you are feeling sick GO TO A DOCTOR!

Today I am grateful for vaccines. This is a lot worse than the usual “convention crud”. 

It’s important to note that if you were exposed and you think you may have measles. you need to call the doctor or the hospital you are going to BEFORE you go. They need to be prepared for your arrival so that you don’t spread measles to others. 

Fucking hell. Signal boost for people who were at Emerald City ComicCon and stopped by Pike’s on the 29th.

From the Seattle Times Article: “The woman’s diagnosis was traced to an outbreak of measles in the Fraser Valley, B.C., just north of the U.S.-Canada border. The majority of the cases in British Columbia are related to a private school that has a high number of unvaccinated children, according to a Whatcom County news release.”

In other words, these people failed to properly vaccinate their children, she was infected (so either she was unvaccinated, or her vaccination failed), and then she went to a concert.

A concert, museums, coffee shops, department stores, and a public market.

Thousands have been exposed.  Let’s just hope none of them were innocent people who couldn’t get vaccinated due to pre-existing health issues.

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